Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies

Master of Science

The Department of Agricultural Economics offers a degree program leading to the Master of Science in Agriculture with a concentration in Agricultural Economics. This program stresses thorough mastery of advanced economic theory, methods of quantitative analysis, and the applications of these methods to the problems of agriculture. The broad program of economic research conducted by the department affords a wide selection of areas from which the student may choose a specific problem for research.

M.S. graduates are qualified to enter a wide variety of careers in both the public and private sectors. Recent graduates are employed by agribusiness firms, federal and state agencies, interest groups, and non-governmental organizations. M.S. graduates are also qualified to enter Ph.D. programs in Agricultural or Applied Economics.

M.S. students must successfully complete all 26 hours of required coursework in the program of study. In addition, students must complete at least 6 hours of thesis research credit. The thesis is completed under the supervision of the student's graduate committee. Completion of the degree requires students to present and defend their research work to the satisfaction of the Agricultural Economics faculty.

M.S. students must begin graduate coursework in the fall semester; thus, the student must submit application materials prior to July 1. However, graduate research assistantship decisions are usually made in March, and admission to the program must be obtained before an assistantship may be granted. Students are encouraged to apply no later than February.

Master of Agribusiness Management

Here at Mississippi State, we know that you want the best job possible. The job market has a way of rearing its ugly head, though. You know that you are already uniquely equipped to handle the challenges the best jobs provide; employers just don’t understand that. We’re here to help those employers understand just how qualified you are. Getting an MABM degree will provide you with the necessary tools to set yourself apart from the competition, impress employers, and get a good job.

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Successful Graduates

With all the option available for a Master’s degree, how do you know which program is right? Well, at Mississippi State, we believe that success is the best measurement of value. As you can see below, our graduates get good jobs after graduation and continue to excel in their fields.

Where are they now?

Jack Ellington came to the MABM program in a job he wasn’t satisfied with and didn’t want to limit his career advancement opportunities. Once he entered the program, he quickly learned he was in the right place. Before graduating, he already had a job lined up within agricultural management! Now, he is a sales manager for Pilgrim’s Pride in Colorado and feels his degree helps him connect with people, even before they’ve meet.

Louis Holbrook began his journey in the MABM program unsure of how it would truly benefit him. After entering the program, though, he quickly found the allure companies have with a MABM graduate. Prior to graduation, he had multiple job offers and decided to take one as an economic research analyst with Staplcotn, a regional cotton cooperative. Reflecting on his time in the MABM program he stated, “The MABM program prepared me in almost every way for the role I took at Staplcotn.” He has also seen multiple raises during his continued career with Staplcotn, which presented itself directly through the MABM program.

A Program with You in Mind

We understand the job market can be tough. With instructors who have worked in the private sector, we know the tools you will need to be successful in your career. That is why our MABM program combines core MBA courses in accounting, finance, and marketing along with graduate courses in agricultural economics.


Come and prepare yourself for the unique challenges faced in the agribusiness industry through our traditional, on-campus MABM program. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and ill-prepared to move forward in your career, work with professors in a face-to-face environment that allows you to understand your uniqueness in a different light. When you finish your degree, you can walk away confident that you are prepared to handle anything.

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Most professionals want to get a promotion but need a Master’s degree to get it, so we’ve created a program that revolves around you. You’re already working and barely have time to sit down, let alone put your life on hold. We’re here to help. With an online program that allows you to work from the comfort of your couch, you can have the freedom to get ahead without having to sacrifice everything.

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The Degree

On campus students begin the MABM program during the first summer term. In the two weeks prior to the start of the program students attend one week of MBAMath during which certain prerequisite deficiencies can be addressed and a mandatory one-week orientation (known as Springboard Week). Online students can start the program at the beginning of any semester. The degree requires a minimum of 30 hours of coursework, which includes a required internship. MABM students must also successfully complete a comprehensive oral examination. Research assistantships are not available for students in the MABM program.

Our Plan for Your Success

Starting your journey to a better life begins with just three easy steps:

  1. Request more information about the program
  2. Apply Online
  3. Begin classes and be on your way to a brighter future

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