The Mississippi State University Extension Service provides research-based information and educational programs that focus on issues and needs of the people of Mississippi. An overall goal for the Mississippi State University Extension Service is to be a leader for positive change for individuals, families, and communities.

Extension continues to look for better ways to deliver information. Through computer and distance-learning technology, educational information is instantly available to agents and clients.

Agricultural Policy, Risk and Insurance

The management of risk is central to modern agriculture, finance, and business management. Our scientists are focused on agricultural risk policy and insurance issues.

Agribusiness Management & Marketing

To engage with the Agribusiness sector in the Mid-south and beyond, we engage input suppliers, producers, and firms to enhance agricultural marketing, management, & finance.

Big Data Economics & Precision Ag Data Analytics

Data produced by sensors, machinery, drones, social media, & other sources are useful for both forecasting & understanding causal relationships. Extension programs focus on Ag Data to Decisions

Commercial Agriculture Management & Finance

As the global population continues to grow, the need for new and innovative ways to improve agricultural production are growing along with it. Extension professionals deliver cutting-edge and timely analysis of farm management, agricultural marketing, and ag finance information useful to Southern agriculture.

Economic Development, Entrepreneurship & Financial Education

Economic Development is central to the needs of people living in Mississippi. Extension faculty focus on helping people solve their economic development-related problems.

Environmental & Natural Resource Economics

Increasingly society is faced with trade-offs between environmental protection, sustainability, and economic welfare. Often these trade-offs are difficult to assess. Extension professionals communicate the economic, ecological and bioeconomic processes to aid well-informed policy and other decisions that involve our natural environment.

Food Systems & Specialty Crop Economics

Extension personnel work closely with small to large farmers, farmers' markets, food hubs, distributors & retailers, local governments, main street organizations, community organizations, & consumers involved in local & regional food systems. We strive to build capacity within communities & assist stakeholders improve the viability & profitability of Mississippi’s food system.

Health Economics & Food Policy

Society struggles with the economics & policy associated with rural health, disease, & the relationship of behavior with health. Inextricably linked, agriculture & food issues represent a major subset of health care challenges in the United States. Extension personnel focus on finding economically efficient solutions to health & food policy issues ranging from the viability of rural water systems to food waste solutions to predicting consumer response to new food & beverage policies.

Water Resources, Drinking Water, & Irrigation Management

Water resources are subject to competing public & private interests. Extension personnel assist planning and regulatory bodies at the individual, local, state, regional, & federal levels.