Alba J. Collart

Alba J. Collart

Assistant Extension Professor

Phone: (662) 325-0413

Address: Box 5187, Mississippi State, MS 39762

Office: Lloyd-Ricks-Watson Bldg.


Dr. Collart's research interests and Extension efforts focus primarily on food marketing and policy issues in the horticultural industry, consumer behavior, and experimental and behavioral economics. On the marketing side, her work has analyzed topics such as consumer response to ambiguous labeling claims, consumer response to point-of-purchase advertising for local brands, and the influence of consumer health concerns on direct-from-producer purchases. On the policy side, she has worked on detangling the implications of the 2014 Farm Bill and the Food Safety Modernization Act for the U.S. specialty crop industry. She is currently examining market demand for organic produce, and using experimental economics to identify potential solutions to consumer food waste in the United States. Dr. Collart has served as faculty advisor for the university's NAMA marketing team and as Vice-President of Education for the Food Distribution Research Society. Most recently, she was the recipient of the 2017 national Patrick J Byrne Award for Emerging Leadership granted by the Food Distribution Research Society.


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