Seong Yun

Seong Yun

Assistant Professor

Address: Box 5187, Mississippi State, MS 39762
Office: 353 Lloyd-Ricks-Watson Bldg.


Dr. Seong Yun is a resource and environmental economist working predominantly on coupled ecological-economics systems in agriculture, fishery, forestry, and water. The majority of his research and teaching efforts are centered in the multi-disciplinary fields in sustainability and resilience: conservation agriculture/fishery/forestry, ecosystem based management, natural capital valuation, ecosystem evaluation, and other science-based decision making and public policy topics. He specializes in bioeconomic modeling, applied econometrics, and numerical methods in economics. Prior to joining the faculty at Mississippi State University, he worked at Yale University as a postdoctoral research associate.


  • Resource and Environmental Economics
  • Coupled Economic-Ecological Systems
  • Sustainability in Agriculture, Fishery, Forestry and Water
  • Natural Capital Valuation
  • Extreme Weather Events and Climate Changes
  • Publications

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    • Yun, S. D., E. P. Fenichel, J. K. Abbott. 2017. capn: Capital asset pricing for nature (R-package). Version 1.0.0. Download
    • Yun, S. D. and B. S. Waldorf. 2016. The day after the disaster: forced migration and income loss after hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Journal of Regional Science 56(3): 420-441. Download