Elizabeth Canales

Elizabeth Canales

Assistant Professor

Address: Box 5187, Mississippi State, MS 39762
Office: 361 Lloyd-Ricks-Watson Bldg., West Wing


Elizabeth Canales joined the Department of Agricultural Economics at Mississippi State University in April of 2016. Prior to joining MSU, Elizabeth Canales worked as an internal strategy consultant for The Wonderful Company, LLC (formerly Roll Global), a private consumer goods corporation based in California, where she worked on business-wide strategic initiatives and operational projects. She obtained her masters and PhD at Kansas State University where she worked on various research topics focusing on agricultural productivity and the adoption of agricultural practices under risk. Her extension program will focus primarily on providing education and support for small business and specialty crop producers in the State. Specifically, her efforts will include developing education and training materials on farm management, understanding and using financial statements and operational information to improve business decisions, cost analysis, enterprise analysis, business development, and record-keeping, among others.


  • Agribusiness
  • Farm financial management
  • Adoption of agricultural production practices
  • Production economics
  • Publications

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