Environmental Economics & Management

Environmental Economics & Management

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Economics and Management readies students to tackle one of the central public policy issues of the 21st century: how to balance the demand for natural resources with the need to preserve our environment. Individuals who can analyze these complex problems will be needed for the new "green jobs" that require sustainable solutions to resource and environmental issues. Courses in the curriculum take problem-solving approach to preparing students to evaluate these questions from an economic perspective. A number of career paths are open to graduates, including positions with environmental and economic consulting firms, various management and analysis positions with business, and public sector employment with federal and state agencies. Students will also be well positioned to enter graduate school to pursue careers in research.

Teaching faculty in the Department who can provide more information about the Environmental Economics & Management major and potential careers include:

Students in this major are also well positioned to earn the Environment & Sustainability Certificate, a multi-disciplinary program offered out of the Provost's office. More information about the Certificate can be found here.

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Environmental Economics and Mangement Curriculum

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